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Veripress for Arkitex

What is Veripress for :Arkitex

Veripress is an advanced on-press softproofing system that has been fully integrated into the :Arkitex Director workflow. It provides precise on screen colour reproduction, negating the need for hardcopy proofs.

Veripress for :Arkitex is perfect for the press room, pre-press design and advertising studios requiring a streamlined, print-free proofing workflow with precise colour management controls and a touch screen interface.

Advanced colour management with a touch screen interface ensures proofs are ready on the press as soon as the plates arrive. Fast, concurrent distribution of softproof files to multiple press desks is assured.

Benefits of :Arkitex Veripress
  • Improves make-ready times
  • Reduces operational costs by cutting out hardproof process
  • Reduces inkjet consumables and time
  • Eliminates time spent managing proofs
  • Complete :Arkitex integration

Veripress for Arkitex