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Sublima for fine details

How It Works
Arkitex Sublima uses a patented technology known as XM (Cross Modulated) to achieve line-screen rulings of up to 180 lpi (lines per inch) with standard 1270 dpi resolutions and on standard Newspaper paper..

It combines the benefits of AM (Amplitude Modulated) screening, which are smooth gradations and highly controllable midtones, with the benefits of FM (Frequency Modulated) screening-fine detail rendering in shadows and highlights and continuous-tone like reproduction. It aligns FM dots along AM paths and replaces all AM dots that would otherwise be too small to print reliably. The result is a smooth transition from one mode to the other with no visible crossover. Arkitex Sublima also takes press characteristics into account so that it will never produce a dot the press cannot hold. As a result, every detail gets printed.

In summary, as we go further into the highlights, the AM halftone dot shrinks, from the midtone tints, until the smallest reproducible dot is reached� And then highlight/shadow tints are obtained by handling these smallest printable dots in stochastic way, as shown in the image below :-

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Benefits of Arkitex Sublima
Arkitex Sublima produces magazine-like quality on normal Newspaper Newsprint.

Process tints, fine lines, even delicate typefaces print like solids using four-color process. And flesh tones are perfectly smooth and color accurate.

The smoothness of the tinit allows you to create custom tints and solids using only CMYK, for easy, low-cost spot-color conversion And Sublima eliminates moir� effects by using high line screen frequencies.

Sublima enables printing of features right up to 99% shadows and 1% highlights.

And because Arkitex Sublima can hold the tiniest microdot on press, enlarging or reducing images have no effect on quality or the ability to sustain details.

One of the most striking differneces Sublima makes is the level of detail that can be printed, as can be seen below :-

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Arkitex Sublima is cost-effective to implement, as it does not require additional labor costs or lengthy staff training

Available screen rulings
The full range of resolutions and screenings is
  • 1000 dpi - 118, 141 lpi
  • 1016 dpi - 120, 144 lpi
  • 1200 dpi - 141, 170 lpi
  • 1270 dpi - 150, 180 lpi