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At A Glance
We've invested a lot to bring you the most intelligent ink-saving product on the market. The purpose of Optiink is to reduce your ink costs while maintaining color fidelity, detail and gray balance. This option automatically transforms your output from within the workflow, reducing cyan, magenta and yellow ink coverage.

Indeed, it actually improves image quality while reducing ink consumption. This is the result of using the Agfa patented ICC-compatible technology, such as Smart Input Space recognition (SISR) and Advanced Colour Management Module. Using :Arkitex OptiInk will also improves your performance on press to increase your productivity even further.

How It Works
OptiInk analyses every object in the PDF file, and intelligently replaces as much cyan, yellow and magenta ink as possible with black ink. And it does this in a way that retains the original intended colours.

:Arkitex OptiInk applies GCR (Grey Component Replacement) in conjunction with Agfa's patented Advanced Colour Management, to provide the maximum possible Ink Cost saving at the highest level of quality. This is applied after correcting the colour profile with SISR to reduce the amount of ink over the complete file. And this includes all images inside the PDF file, even if they in RGB, and also text and vectors. Accurate colour profiles and enhanced GCR delivers consistent colour with the minimum amount of ink a specific press requires to produce high-quality printing. This results in greater press stability with higher tolerance for mis-registration. And that results in faster start up, fewer web breaks and higher printing speeds.

Agfa's SISR intelligently analyses incoming images-from both advertising and editorial-to determine the ICC profile (input space). Very often a page will contain images with contain a commercial heat-set profile embedded, specifying more ink. Sometimes an image won't have any profile at all, which will cause unwanted colour casts. :Arkitex OptiInk automatically calculates the colour space and converts it to the specific newspaper press profile (output space) on which the run will print. It even converts spot colours to the appropriate process profile. The result is improved colour fidelity and more consistent ink coverage.

The achitecture is flexible and open, allowing you to take control.

Just see how much ink we can save!
We make many calculations to estimate how much ink we can save you. However, sometimes it is interesting to see this visually. This file shows it strikingly, by comparing the plates that would be produced before OptiInk with the plates that would be produced after running OptiInk.

Just look at the plates

You can clearly see the lower usage of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow inks, and the greater use of Black ink. And as the total amount of ink used is also reduced, the quality of the print is improved and press stability increased, as well as reducing the press start-up and drying times.
Why Is This Important?
:Arkitex OptiInk can work totally stand-alone. It can also be integrated into Agfa's :Arkitex workflow or any other workflow. It's automatic and so easy to use, it requires no special on-site knowledge once installed.

It has a flexible open architecture, provides greater ink cost saving, And once you set up your parameters, Arkitex OptiInk needs no further intervention. It operates in the background to increase productivity and quality while saving inkĀ…up to 30%!

With :Arkitex OptiInk, you'll increase productivity, improve printed quality and save money-in a way that simply cannot be beaten.