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Ink Optimising

Two ways of optimising ink to improve quality
There are two ways of increasing the quality, reliability and reproducibility of printed output with respect to ink optimization.

One is to use :Artkitex OptiInk to increase the quality of print.

And another is to install :Arkitex AutoInk to control the ink screws on the press.

OptiInk - reduces ink and improves quality
OptiInk naturally reduces ink, and many customers buiy it purely for this purpose.

In addition, it also improves the quality of the printed material in the following ways :-

  • It increases the stability of the Press
  • Provides consistency of neutral colours, and gray colours are printed more accurately
  • It reduces the visible effects of misregistration
  • Effects of set-off can be reduced, or even eliminated
  • Press start-up time is reduced

OptiInk also features a highly intelligent image fingerprinting mechanism, which recognises the profile that was used to create the image separation. This is called Smart Input Space Recognition, or SISR for short. Using SISR, OptiInk Automatically corrects for inappropriate or missing CMYK profiles in a PDF file to generate the true intended colour This can ensure that inappropriately separated PDF files can still produce a good quality output.

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For some customers, this kind of quality increase is far more important than just saving money on ink.

To see more about how OptiInk saves the maximum amount of ink, click here

AutoInk - Sets up the Press for optimum ink coverage
The AutoInk product helps to speed the press run by minimizing press startup time by calculating ink coverage for each page and then sending these ink values to the press.