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IntelliTune enhances your images

Arkitex IntelliTune is an automatic, intelligent and high quality image processing solution. It provides
  • Consistency
  • Productivity
  • Quality
This means that all images in your output will have a consistent look and feel

IntelliTune comes in two variants, one that works on a Mac and one that works on a PC. We refer to the PC version as IntelliTuneX.

Both IntelliTune and IntelliTuneX have identical image processing capability, and customers select which version they want depending on their IT infrastructure and/or platform preferences.

The newest member to IntelliTune’s features is Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (ACE) which is our most highly intelligent feature.

ACE can handles images with details in both highlights and shadows, and preserves both areas. No competitor we know of can do this in an automated way! Here is just one example of how it can bring out details from difficult images such as this one.

Image before IntelliTune

Image after IntelliTune

There is a PDF option available that enhances takes all the images in a PDF file, and enhances them just as IntelliTune does with images.

There is also an OptiInk option, that enables all images to be enhanced, and in addition, to also have all of the capability given by OptiInk.