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OptiColor in a nutshell

OptiColor provides fully color-accurate transformations, and is useful for any customer that is creating pages for output.

There are two main contexts where OptiColor is of particular benefit. The first is where a publisher is receiving advertisements in PDF form, where the colorspace used for the separations is not known, or is different from that if the intended output. Using Agfa’s SISR technology, OptiColor can recognise which profile must have been used to create the advertisement, and convert it to Newsprint output in a way that preserves the colour quality

A typical scenario is shown in the diagram below:

OptiColor Workflow Scenario

The second context is where a printer wishes to output the PDF to one or more different devices, such as a tablet, a heatset press, or the Internet. A particular case might be a last-minute decision to print on a different press than was originally intended. OptiColor handles this in a way that preserves the full color quality, even while saving ink at the same time. And this is shown in the diagram below:

OptiColor Server to Press and Mobile Device

In both cases, paper grey is taken into account to maintain visual neutral balance between standards. OptiColor is totally preconfigured, and to set it up all you need to know is the kind of output needed.

OptiColor is included with OptiInk version 3 as standard.