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Supporting Contract Customers

Agfa Workflow Services is comprised of designated teams of service engineers and product experts who can provide best practices, and proactive, personalised assistance to maintain continual operation improvements and smoother upgrades – all to keep your workflow up-to-date and performing to its full capacity.

Supporting Contract Customers

Agfa’s ‘Workflow Contracts’ offer a professional solution in this high demanding environment. Our ‘Remote diagnostics’ are state-of-the art and is clear answer to changing market expectations of support services. Preventive maintenance and site monitoring is now possible so we are able to assist operators on-line and in real time without delay. A fast response time is guaranteed because you no longer have to allow for travel time to perform an on-site intervention. This means that you are quickly back in business using the most efficient service method available in the industry.

Accurate ‘Call Screening’. In the rare case in which we are unable to solve the problem on-line, we will have already defined and researched the incident and will be well prepared on arrival. Second line support from Agfa Global Services is also available through the same remote connection. They assist us whenever necessary in finding a fast and accurate solution. We are able to avoid many costly on-site interventions using remote support facilities.

After hours support is offered using our Global team of experts in the ‘Technical Assistance Center’ for support in critical situations during your working shifts.

A system that is always up-to-date with the latest technology and standards. A ‘Workflow Upgrade Contract’ will allow you to closely follow the evolution in technology. Agfa will provide major upgrades and guarantees compatibility with new releases of the main desktop applications and file formats. With a Workflow Upgrade Contract you will receive these upgrades automatically, free of charge for the software (excl. labor). This is a secure investment in peace of mind for future compatibility and with a well defined return.

Workflow Care Contracts
Offer you a very economical way to improve your productivity, keep up-to-date with all market software evolutions, receive on-line support when you need it and outperform your competition. Unsurpassed in the industry Agfa’s ‘Workflow Care Contracts’ offer a complete solution for software support.

Workflow Contracts

Workflow Support Offers telephone and remote support in normal business hours to resolve errors, assistance with file issues and other relevant support to keep your system in production.

Workflow Alert For Businesses where telephone and remote support are required outside of normal business hours, we offer 24/7 support all year round.

Workflow Upgrade Includes all future upgrades without incurring unexpected costs of buying upgrades or keeping the software updated, excluding installation and training charges.

Workflow Care The ideal combination of services to give you access to our team of experts for immediately assistance as well as keeping your workflow fully updated and streamlined to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Workflow Care Plus The combination of services as an optimal solution for full access to our experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.