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Monitoring Remote Sites

:Arkitex Vantage can be used to monitor the software and hardware status of remote sites. This includes the status of the CTP images, Processors, and punch and benders. This catches issues such as unwanted temperature rises before they start to affect production.

One of our customers use Vantage to monitor their main sites, and also a remote site's platemaking room which is usually nowadays unattended. Vantage reports on their NewsDrives, CTP, processors and punch and benders. This makes it easy for an operator on the main site to detect any problems and get an operator into the platemeking room immediately. Without Arkitex Vantage they wouldn't have been able to make this kind of change to a platemaking environment on a remote site

:Arkitex Vantage today allows customers to operate CTP lines in remote sites without the physical presence of a dedicated operator on-site.