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Arkitex Production RIP

Stand-alone, or integrated in to Arkitex Production

The Arkitex Production RIP is a high-performance PostScript language interpreter designed to meet the demands of deadline colour production. Compatibility is not a problem with the GRAFIX RIP. It is kept up to date with PostScript, PDF, and font specifications, image file formats and relative standards from independent bodies. The GRAFIX RIP is based in the Harlequin RIP engne, produced by Global Graphics, and can be used in a stand-alone And contains Agfa-specific modules and options to ensure the best TIFF output, maximum flexibility, and also full integration into the Arkitex workflow.

Some examples of integrations are :

  • Bundled packages, such as Arkitex Production Essentials, which provide a low-cost entry-level system.
  • Arkitex RIPDrive, which combined a NewsDrive and a Production RIP on to the same platform to produced a 1-platform system that outputs PostScript and PDF files directly to the CTP device.
  • Integrated into a full Arkitex system, where multiple RIPs can be load-balanced, and operation can continue smoothly even if some of the RIPs platforms fail.

The latest version of the Production RIP (V11) allows dongle-free operation, ideal for use in virtual or Cloud-based systems. Based on the Agfa Electronic Licencing system, no other Harlequin RIP can offer this level of stable Cloud operation.

Special screenings

The Production RIP, like all Harlequin RIPs, contains the full selection of Harlequin Precision Screening. However, only the GRAFIX RIP contains the Agfa Balanced Screening (ABS) screens, which some customers claim give a much higher quality of output. And the ABS screens come as standard with the product.

There is also an option for Arkitex Sublima screening, to provide smooth tints, sharper detail, and ability to print further into the highlights and shadows. Details can be seen by clicking here.