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:Arkitex PlateReady simplifies platemaking

Say good-bye to looking on shelves and sorting plates by hand when preparing for the next press-run. :Arkitex PlateReady has now been released, and is available for all customers who have purchased, or propose to purchase, a Barenschee Plate Buffer unit.

Combining :Arkitex PlateReady with the Barenschee Plate Tower you get the plates you need when you need them, and in the correct order, all at the press of a button. With a simple touch-screen interface, :Arkitex PlateReady delivers an entire set of plates - from an entire press down to a single cylinder - to your stacking system. All that is left to do is pick up the plates and deliver them to the press. No more looking on shelves, no more comparing plates to a printed list, and no more sorting and ordering of plates by hand.

Many plates get damaged while in storage because they were imaged long before the press run and carelessly placed on a shelf or in a drawer. Storing plates in the Plate Tower eliminates potential damage such as scratched plates. In addition by keeping these plates stored while still flat allows you to store more plates in less space. Extensive automation options reduce waste, shorten make-ready times, reduce plate change times to a minimum, lead to lower staff expenditures, leaving the printer more time to concentrate on his core competence printing

Here is a view of the Press-Ready interface:
Arkitex PlateReady Interface
The intuitive PlateReady interface shows your operators exactly which plates are needed and which are still waiting to image. Once the plates are ready, a single click is all that is needed to get them.

In summary, :Arkitex PlateReady simplifies plate-making by integrating the Barenschee Plate Tower hardware into an :Arkitex workflow, and gives press operators an intuitive interface to request imaged plates be delivered to the sortation system