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Imposition in Newspapers

:Arkitex Pair accommodates a busy production environment and eliminates unnecessary wait time. It lets you pair pages as they arrive. It knows when pages will arrive and goes to work the minute they do.

:Arkitex Pair performs "native" 2-up impositions so that all user interfaces display the status of each layer, page and plate. It easily handles editions that include sections and variations. In addition to pairing pages as they arrive.

:Arkitex Imposer extends the capability to also set up 4- and 8-up impositions.

:Arkitex Pair saves time and money by preventing unnecessary film/plate imaging. For example, when all pages of a job arrive, :Arkitex Pair can be configured to expect a late black layer and therefore will not image the plate or film for the black layer until a second version is received.

:Arkitex Pair lets you put both a sheet and/or page on hold while authorised users view a softproof for final approval before imaging. It lets them view the page or sheet image from either the Tracking or the SoftProof display. It then logs the approval in the database.

Minimise output errors by softproofing both pages and sheets. You can view on screen an ICC colour managed proof of the pages using the same data that will be used for high-resolution output to plate. The softproofing feature allows you to send a proof to advertising and editorial so those who know what the pages are supposed to look like can provide approval.

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