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Arkitex Production

Planning in Arkitex Production totally automates the Newspaper prepress activity, including complex imposition schemes, ordering of plate outpuyt and optimising the order of processing useing deadline times.

Production plans identify to the server both the set of expected pages as well as the forme layouts to create for each publication. Planning takes place in one of three ways:

  • A Windows based Publication Builder that was used with the previous version of Arkitex workflow is supported. This eases the transition to Production by allowing the publisher to use the same planning tool they are already familiar with.
  • A browser based interface that is built into the Production client. This is the planning tool that will make the daily planning easier than in the Windows planning tool. This available in 2.0, with the limitation that some imposition schemes higher than 4-up would be produced via import of Publication Builder PMI files. A more flexible drag-and-drop imposition scheme planner will become available in 2017.
  • The Production server offers an option to import plans from press or editorial planning systems. Using this automation no manual planning needs to take place allowing the system to run automatically. In both of the manual planning methods above the planning process takes just a few minutes to plan a publication.
Here is an example of the use of the Web-based planner

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This clearly shows Pages 2-11 are shared, and this scheme is easy to extend over any number of zones no matter how complex the sharing scheme may be.

Arkitex Production also includes a built-in Layout Manager, which is an easy-to-use module that allows plate templates to be entered for plans created by the integrated planner. One of the features of the Layout Manager is that it can allow the operator to perform on-the-fly template editing. One click on a forme view can open up the editor, as shown below :