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Drive your CTP with NewsDrive

At A Glance
The :Arkitex NewsDrive family optimizes the output speed for a variety of devices. It drives CtF or CtP systems with an uninterrupted flow of data to ensure faster throughput.

Depending on the size of the operation, the need for automation and output control, and the number and type of output devices, Agfa Graphics offers a choice of :Arkitex Newsdrive solutions:

:Arkitex Newsdrive X
With :Arkitex NewsDrive X is the full functionality version. You will be able to take full advantage of the fastest engine speeds and reliability. It goes beyond TIFF buffers and other solutions to provide a complete, productivity-enhancing interface for your system.

:Arkitex NewsDrive X lets you add or remove plate mark images and annotations, and.also adapts to your current naming system. And it enables you to remake a plate quickly and easily. Just modify the job parameters (e.g. for positioning) and then simply resubmit the file.

NewsDriveX uses MAXML to integrate seamlessly with the full :Arkitex suite of workflow automation products. Based on the XML standard, MAXML describes the structure of an edition and the work required to produce it. It also describes the structure of a message passed from one system to another with information defining the work required.

:Arkitex Newsdrive
NewsDrive is esigned to drive Agfa output devices in an Agfa TIFF workflow. It provides a reliable, high-speed processing interface, ensuring a seamless match with the printing operation. :Arkitex Newsdrive does not support XML (or MAXML).

:Arkitex Newsdrive N
:Arkitex NewsDrive N is an entry-level module, designed to control the output to 2 Advantage XM/XS imagers. Through the use of multiple scan-folders priority may be given to different jobs.

NewsDrive M will ensure all separations of a given sheet image on the same device. Includes the ability to image single TIFF files, real-time text annotation, and the addition of multiple local printing marks.

:Arkitex RIPDrive
:Arkitex RIPDrive combines a NewsDrive and a GRAFIX RIP on the same platform, which RIPs both PostScript and PDF files and directly images those files to the entire range of :Arkitex NewsDrive supported imagers.

It is designed to run on a single, dual-CPU platform. This allows for an installation similar to those where an Advantage platesetter is driven directly from a RIP. This combinatiom is fully integrated with the remaining workflow products for complete tracking and control.