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Arkitex Director

:Arkitex Director is Agfa’s most advanced, fully-featured workflow system for newspapers. It acts as a control centre for your entire workflow, automating complex tasks with ease and allowing you to monitor production all the way to press.

Director helps you manage the workflow from the front-end to the press. It processes pages of sheets and manages them to the proper plate imaging devices. And efficiently load balances your equipment, and can image plates based on set priority levels throughout the day.

:Arkitex Director's tracking system provides step-by-step work status and identifies potential problems to keep production running smoothly all the way to the press.

Arkitex Pair is an option to enable page pairing, and Arkitex Impose extends this capability to 4-up and 8-up.

And Director has Active Backup and High Availability options for greater resilience during production.