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:Arkitex AutoPlan

AutoPlan automates the planning process, and minimises manual intervention. It also reduces human errors by transforming complex tasks into simple instructions.

AutoPlan takes instruction from the press plan and automatically sets up editions, page counts, colours, and plate positions. It defines the target production, checks for press compatibility, and ensures that the right plates are produced in the right quantity at the right time, on the right engines, saving you time and money.

AutoPlan offers naming flexibility, by allowing easy integration with prepress file naming schemes.

And for Plate Verification, AutoPlan writes barcodes or labels onto each plate for easy plate tracking and identification for press.

AutoPlan integrates easily with your planning systems, including accepted external feeds from the following systems:

  • ABB MPS3 Version 2.21 and 3.01
  • EAE Print
  • Pecom (Man Roland)
  • Managing Editor ALS
  • Rockwell Automation Printlogix

:AutoPlan works with a growing list of planning systems. So if press integration is missing from your workflow system, :Arkitex has the solution.