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:Arkitex Active Backup

This option is available for Director, Producer, Pair and Foundation. It automatically copies data and databases to the backup server for manual activation if the main server fails.

Production data files are automatically copied to the backup server as they are processed, including high resolution page files as well as soft proofs. As part of this automatic back up, the production databases, system configuration files, plate templates, publication plans, and plate components are backed up on a timed basis. This ability to store a number of database copies provides extra security because if the last backup is corrupt the administrator has additional databases copies to activate.

If the main server fails, the :Arkitex Active Backup software is activated on the backup server. To enable the backup to run as the main server, the administrator manually clicks the restore button which then causes the backup server to read in the latest configuration file and a selected version of the database. Once these files are loaded the Active Backup is ready for production with a minimal loss of data.

The :Arkitex High Availability Server Kit represents a step up from :Arkitex Active Backup in that it shares data storage and provides for automatic fail over and requires no operator or administrator intervention.