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:Arkitex Vantage

:Arkitex Vantage is a system monitor that:

  • Provides real-time feedback of system health
  • Identifies potential problems by highlighting potential bottlenecks
  • Allows early detection of possible problems so they can be resolved early
All of these help to avoid costly late press starts.

Vantage provides users a single view of single or multiple :Arkitex workflow systems and their components, :It can be set up by internal IT system resources management as a vantage point to monitor pre-press production lines, and as a starting point for remote support interventions with instant feedback on overall system health, and an easy way to access each individual system component.

The number of :Arkitex systems and modules shown by and accessible through :Arkitex Vantage can range from a few systems to a full, company-wide overview, encompassing all production systems.

Vantage has a Hardware Parameter Monitoring option to extend its capability to monitor and report the status of CTP images and processors. Parameters included such information as temperatures, speeds, and errors can be reported, giving early warning of problems and dealing with them before they actually affect the production run.

And Vantage can also be used to monitor unmanned remote sites, and indeed this is already being used by customers to make further economies as safely as possible.