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:Arkitex Portal

:Arkitex Portal is Agfa’s new generation of the :Arkitex Enterprise family. It is a collaborative page production system, which offers a cost-effective way to help newspaper publishers and printers expand and develop their print business.

:Arkitex Portal simplifies the customers’ job by providing an easy mechanism for uploading pages that doesn't rely on any defined naming scheme. With the soft proofs they are seeing exactly what has ripped so what they see is what they will print.

For the Printer it provides automation so their interaction with their customer is reduced allowing them to focus on other, more important tasks. The integration and automation allows them to provide the value-added services, such as image enhancement and page preflighting, that make the customers job look better as well as print more easily. And to do this without adding to their operational costs.

:Arkitex Portal allows all participants throughout the project to collaborate on tasks within a 24/7-accessible web environment resulting in higher productivity, a shorter number of steps before printing, and reducing costs associated with reworks and errors.

Customers access :Arkitex Portal through a straightforward, web-based user interface to upload files that will go through a sequence of processing steps. Publishers can decide what processes their files go through, within the scope of services offered by the printer.

Online soft proofing and approval helps lower costs and speed production.