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:Arkitex Eversify

At a glance

:Arkitex Eversify is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that helps publishers to produce mobile newspapers in an automated way. It produces customized mobile publication on a variety of mobile devices by selecting customer designed templates.

Although content is gathered and created using automation the reading experience attains the high quality and ease of use that readers have come to expect.

:Arkitex Eversify allows the publisher to completely automate the process of creating digital content while providing a high quality appearance and ease of use that readers expect from mobile devices.

How it works

:Arkitex Eversify uses HTML5, which allows clear separation of style from content and delivers a powerful presentation in form of sophisticated image handling, audio and video animation. It also provides search, bookmarks, access to other on-line links, Facebook, Twitter, and other Publisher specific functionality.

:Arkitex Eversify captures content from any content system in use today at the newspaper. The content is analyzed and automatically processed through its intelligent content selection, mapping, and template technology to produce an issue that is ready to preview and edit if necessary. The final issue is then made available to readers either on a publisher defined schedule or upon approval.

Arkitex Eversify allows publishers to create their own identity in the App or simulate as much as possible the look and feel of the conventional newspaper. or magazine The readers experience is a key feature in :Arkitex Eversify, regardless of the templates. We believe that newspaper Apps should be well branded, good looking and self explanatory. There is no need to provide a "how to read this" with :Arkitex Eversify.

What is important

The Arkitex Eversify mobile publishing system provides an easy to use service that enables your readers to get a high-quality reading experience. The process can be automated from beginning to end, and supports an ever-increasing range of mobile devices. Putting it all together, it is a very cost-effective system to maintain and increase your readership.

In summary, Eversify provides a high-level of automation while delivering a positive reader experience. And since Eversify is provided as a SaaS there is no hardware or software to purchase or to maintain.

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Arkitex Eversify mobile publishing system