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System-wide Approval

:Arkitex Portal offers a quick, simple and flexible method of uploading pages for publication, and of defining and controlling how the page is treated once it is uploaded. On-line soft-proofing enables the approval loop to proceed quickly and remotely, without the need for costly and time-consuming hard-copy proofs to be made and then delivered to the customer.

There are three types of views:

The Thumbnail view gives an overview of how the publication is progressing
Thumbnail View

The flip-book view enables the customer to not only see how the pages will appear in print, but also check whether the pages are properly recognised and positioned
Flip Book View

The high-resolution softproof view is made up from the RIPped TIFF files. This enables the customer to examine the page in detail, even allowing the trapping to be checked
High Resolution Softproof View

Approval or rejection of pages is easy, and the whole cycle of uploading pages, preparing them for printing and approving them is quick, reliable and economical

:Arkitex Portal also makes it easy for a Publisher to monitor and manage multiple users simultaneously.